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RESTRICTED Copy No. 66. Japanese Suicide Craft (WW2 US Naval Technical Mission to Japan)

A report issued in the UK by the British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (BIOS); January 1946

1946 US Naval report distributed in the UK by BIOS covering both "Shinyo" and "Kaiten", marked as "Restricted" throughout and with the added tipped-in slip of the British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee shown as being "Copy No. 66".

Duplicated typewritten report in English, 10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms. 43 pages including 25 figures of mechanical details.

Lovely condition, original soft wrappers, protected in a clear plastic sleeve.

In the summer of 1945, when defeat of Japan - however it was to be achieved - was considered imminent, the United States Navy established a mission to determine the position of the Japanese in the field of naval technology.

Two of the Japanese naval targets for investigation were "Shinyo" (special attack boats) and "Kaiten" (human torpedo/one man submarines). Both types of vessel were suicide craft, seaborne equivalents of "Kamikaze" aircraft.

"Shinyo" held an explosive charge in their bows and were designed to ram the side of enemy vessels. They were manned by school boys in their mid-teens, around 16 or so years of age.

"Kaiten" were one-man submarines, substantially altered torpedos having human control and additional fuel capacity. These midget or suicide submarines were manned by volunteers of 18 to 20 years of age.

The report concludes with a 2-page "Enclosure A" (in English) by a Japanese naval officer on hydrogen peroxide as a power source for torpedoes, and 15 pages "Enclosures B, C and D" on steering and exploder systems for torpedoes.

More information on these original WW2 CIOS and BIOS reports.

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