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German WW2 detailed street plans of Gloucester

[Large scale street plans of] Gloucester Generalstab des Heeres [German General Staff] Berlin: [Department for War Maps and Surveying], 1941.

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The complete set of four German WW2 large scale, 1:10000 (about 6 inches to the mile), highly detailed street plans of Gloucester and area, each 20 inches x 28 inches, 51 cms x 72 cms, folded as issued. These large scale maps show individual buildings and houses with areas of strategic or military importance, or potential targets for ground or air attack, being identified and outlined. In near immaculate untouched condition, with the slightest trace of wear on some of the folds.

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Following the Battle of Britain in 1940, the Germans postponed their plans for Unternehmen Seelowe(Operation Sealion), the invasion of Britain by large-scale troop landings along the South Coast. However, whilst abandoning their immediate plans to invade, the German High Command continued to gather together detailed information to prepare the ground for any future invasion or occupation of Britain.

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These scarce street plans of Gloucester were issued in Berlin in 1941 as part of Militargeographische Einzelangaben uber England (effectively translating as Military/geographical Single Targets across England) by Abteilung fur Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen (Department for War Maps and Surveying), and were intended Nur fur den Dienstgebrauch (For official use only) by the Generalstab des Heeres(German General Staff).

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In short, these detailed street plans are confidential documents prepared at the height of the Second World War for the use of high ranking military planners, officers and their immediate staff within the top echelons of the German war machine in Berlin. Virtually irreplaceable, particularly in this fine condition and of immense local history interest to Gloucester.

Item reference RS-1920.

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