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Underground Factories in Central Germany

Underground Factories in Central Germany Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee COPY No. 322 of the SECRET report by the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS): 1945.

Copy No. 322 of the exceedingly rare 1945 Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-committee report on German secret underground factories

Mimeographed (low-run waxed-stencil duplicated) typewritten report.

10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms, 164 pages, numerous large folding charts and plans of tunnels, excavations, layouts and caves at many locations in Central Germany.

This is Copy No. 322 with the 'SECRET' classification, noted on the outer cover and the title page.

In nice condition, with the official, albeit faint, Circulated by Technical Information Bureau for CIOS stamp on the front cover, a little ink underlining and crossing-through and signs of a label removed from top cover, unmarked internally, overall in very good condition.

This important and seldom found wartime military intelligence report contains an enormous amount of research material on the organisation of German underground wartime secret industry at 13 locations in Central Germany including Nordhausen; The Mittelbau Project at Woffleren/Himmerberg, Niedersachswerfen/Muhlberg, Ruttleberode/Stempeda, Niedersachswerfen/Kohnstein, Kuckuck and Ellrich/Klippen; Bad Herzbeurg/Osterode; Project Malachit at Hamberstadt/Langenstein Muhlberg; Project Turmalin at Blankenburg/Regenstein; Kena/Kahla; Heimkele Hohle, Rottleberode; and Kaliwerk Bernterode

Work carried out, or intended to be carried out, at these locations included the construction of Junkers jet engines, liquid oxygen, synthetic oil storage, Me-262 retooling, aircraft landing gear, V1 and V2 production, shell-filling and storage. The concentration camps at Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora provided most of the labour force required to contruct the tunnels systems for the Mittelbau Project.

Much detailed information is given on each of the sites and the projects mentioned.

This report is not dated but was issued under the name of the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS), the joint wartime Anglo/American intelligence gathering organisation which was effectively disbanded in July 1945, re-emerging as the independent US FIAT and the British BIOS agencies. It can be safely assumed therefore that it was issued in mid-1945 at the latest.

Only a very small proportion of the original wartime intelligence reports which appear on the market today (mainly some of the more important and early reports with aviation and aeronautics interest), were issued as numbered copies with a 'SECRET', 'RESTRICTED' or 'CONFIDENTIAL' classification. In some instances, these classified reports were subsequently declassified and re-issued without the classification notice.

In ten years of specialising in these wartime CIOS reports I have seen or heard of only 3 numbered copies of Underground Factories in Central Germany being offered for sale on the international market (fortunately owning 2 of the 3 myself). I have never seen an unnumbered copy and assumed one didn't exist until coming across recently an apparent reference to one being held by the Deutsches Museum in Berlin or Bonn.

Furthermore, a COPAC search indicates that in Britain only the Imperial War Museum of the various National and major libraries owns a copy of any nature.

In short, individual numbered and classified 'SECRET' examples of this report are exceedingly scarce.

Following the Normandy landings in 1944, combined American and British intelligence units (CIOS) and independent British units (BIOS) produced a series of surveys and reports on captured German industry and armament production as allied troops advanced across occupied Europe.

Reports of military significance were given different levels of classification and distributed by either CIOS, BIOS, or jointly with HMSO.

See more on the importance and the increasing scarcity of original WW2 CIOS/BIOS reports with military significance.

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