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Interrogation of Dr. Hans Friedrich Gold

Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee; 1945

Dr. Gold. A designer of death rays? An opportunist? A chancer? A Wehrmacht Walter Mitty? A charlatan?

Small circulation mimeographed (low-run waxed-stencil duplicated) typewritten report.

10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19cms, 25 pages, 2 sketches.

Dr. Gold is, after 70 years, a very mysterious figure. I can find no information on him anywhere beyond that recorded in this report.

All that can be stated with certainty is that the U.S. military authorities in 1945 considered him to be sufficiently important to be the sole subject of this comparatively large interrogatory report. (A numbered RESTRICTED version of this report is also available and listed separately).

In brief, Dr. Gold worked with jet and rocket fuel mixtures, an engine-stop-missile and research on radioactivity. He had been a chemical engineer in the jet engine department, rocket division, of the secret research establishment Luftfahrt Forschungs Anstalt Hermann Goering at Volkenrode. he claimed to have found a substance which mixed with air in a special proportion and used in a missile to instantly stop the engines of enemy tanks or aircraft. He also investigated the hypergolic qualities of T-Stoff jet fuel.

Immediately after the war, Gold wrote to the U.S. Forces in Vienna offering them his services and outlining his potential usefulness and his thoughts for aerospace research. That request resulted in this investigation and the issue of this report. He also made a similar offer to British Intelligence.

So who and what was Dr. Gold? A designer of death rays? An opportunist? A chancer? A Wehrmacht Walter Mitty? A charlatan? The report itself reaches no conclusion as to Gold's real or likely value.

And what subsequently happened to him? Was he rejected by both the American and British scientific communities as being of little worth? Or did he find a niche conducting research in some esoteric field for one of the major powers?

Following the D-Day Normandy landings in June 1944, as allied troops advanced across Europe, Combined American and British intelligence units (CIOS) working under SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) produced a series of restricted circulation, mimeographed typewritten intelligence reports on different aspects of German armament production and advanced technology military research and development.

See more on the importance and the increasing scarcity of these original WW2 CIOS (and later BIOS) reports with military significance.

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